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Pima Cotton Duvet and Pillow

Heritage Collection

Synthetic duvets and pillows

3D ReGen Fibre

Made from 100% Recycled Mineral Water Bottles

Micro Down 0.9D 1.2D 2D

Bounce Back 6D 7D 15D

Cluster Ball Fibre 5mm 20mm

 Duvet Production


Our digital multi-needle machines are wider width with auto thread & reverse stiching options, helping to create your perfect quilting patterns.


Our digital single needle machines can create any design possibly imaginable.

Pillow production

Our automatic pillow production converts raw fibre into open fibre and also directly into ball fibre, before being blown directly into the shaken pillow.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative).

Running Fabric Calloff Options

  • 85 GSM Microfiber
  • Triple Hotel Stripe Microfiber
  • Square checked Microfiber
  • Bamboo Cotton T-144
  • Egyptian Cotton 
  • Poly Cotton
  • Cotton


  • T-233
  • 100% Cambric Cotton
  • Filling: 0.9 D Down Like Fiber 
  • Color: White