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Leading the Way With Sustainable Home Textile Manufacturing.

Maheen to be better for the plannet and its people. We use only the finest materials, sustainably sourced and crafted in our state of the art ECO factory to guarantee unrivalled quality


  • About Us

To become a leading global company distingusihed
by its passion for excellence

Drive excellence through:
Innovation and sustainable growth
Development of talent and partnerships
Commitment to the community and environmnet
Honesty and integrity
Compassion and Humility
Value for Customer
Accountability and ownership
Learning and development

Management Philosophy

Who We Are

Maheen Textile Mills (Pvt) Limited is a dynamic and growth-oriented company which develops and exports exclusive, re-cycled, and sustainable textile products with supreme-quality. Our dedicated team commits, innovates, and works hard to achieve excellence and contribute to the economy......

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  • ICT

Equipped with state of the art technology, world calss knowledge and over two decades of experience, Maheen Produces the finest knitted fabrics. We have the capability of manufacturing various varieties of knitted fabrics such as single jersey, pique, ribs, interlock, thermals, fleece and plaited fabrics amongst others. These fabrics in cotton, blends, and synthetics can then be dyed and finished with the latest performance features like water repellant, low shrinkage, silk wash, moisture management etc..

To consoliate our position as an idustry leader, we are committed to the continuous improvement and development of our people, products, technology and processes.
Research and Development:
We have dedicated resources in terms of human capital and equipment which work with our customers in developing products that help increase their sales, reduce costs and at the same time be greener.
In House Laboratories:
Our highly qualified and experienced technicians work with the latest equipment to ensure international performance, safety and envirormental standards are strictly adhered to in our manufacturing.


At Maheen we thrive to utilize information & Communication Technology to the maximum limits with the objective of being transparent in processes and putting in management controls to enhance delivery visibility, maximize quality and improve efficiency at all levels.

Maheen ICT Team has not only implemented industry best software systems like FastReact and GSD but also has developed integrated software applications for the management of niche and specific production processes with on line real time reporting.

Maheen has automated end-to end processes right from presale costing to customer order receiving till dispatch of merchandise. The entire ICT environment provides real time reporting and dash boards to assist management and operations teams for ensuring maximum efficiency, best possible quality and on time delivery.

Maheen's ERP is capable of tracking the source of raw material, trims & accessories, production unit, operators/technicians for each and every product manufactured at any of our facilities. The ICT environment is based on the following major technologies.






As a leader in the textile industry , we understand and appreciate the responsibility we carry towards the environment and to our community. Being complaint is an integral part of Maheen's culture and this is demonstrated in our commitment to conduct business in a responsible and ethical manner.

Maheen has dedicated team of experts in the CSR department who report directly to our CEO. This team is responsible for training and advising our management and staff on all matters realted to CSR. In addition, they also communicate with customers about labour, environment, health and safety matters at Maheen. Since this is a continuous process, our team works closely with our buyers. local and international organizations to discuss ways of bringing improvements to our workplace. This commitment to golbal standards of compliance is duly reflected through our certifications.


Maheen is committed to be a responsible and honest corporate citizen, while playing a leadership role for the development of our society. Our passion and zeal towards this goal is reflected through our actions when dealing with our customers, vendors, employees and the community. Maheen seeks a mutually beneficial realtionship with all our stakeholders and especially the neighborhood in which we operate.

We firmly believe that profitability and growth should lead to an improvement in the quality and livelihood of our employees, the broader community and our future generations.

Social Commitment

Maheen gives the highest priority and commitment to better sustainable practices that will lead to a greener and healthier planet. Prior to embarking on this environmentally friendly journey, we established a clear strategy to inculate into our corporate culture, clear and healthy business practices. As a result of our efforts, we have been successful in reducing carbon and water footprint, decrease our energy consumption, and lower our wastages. These actions beside supporting our sustainability drive have also helped reduce our costs, while improving our productivity.

Our expansion strategy envisages a plan that will help balance economic growth while embedding a culture of sustainable development for the environment and community.

Environment Commitment