Maheen Textile Mills (PVT) Ltd.


Who We Are

Maheen Textile Mills (Pvt) Limited is a dynamic and growth-oriented company which develops and exports exclusive, re-cycled and sustainable textile products with supreme-quality. Our dedicated team commits, innovates, and works hard to achieve excellence and contribute to the economy. We manufacture modish textile products as we are well aware of the global trends - our broad product range includes blankets, bed linen, towel throws, and coverings fashioned with poly cotton 100% cotton, cotton rich and Egyptian cotton blends. We are a profitable textile company who knows how to Please the shareholders and investors as a leading contributor to the economy, we possess and immense eagerness to learn and he flexible when it comes to driving growth in Pakistan's Textile Mills industry. Maheen Textile never holds back from leveraging advanced-level solutions to back its infrastructure and service - we combine technology with expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. Indeed, our dedicated team makes the best out of the provided resources and facilities to boost product quality and delivery in real-time. Striving to empower our people to create a better future, we recognize talent and employ job-seekers to turn them into a highly professional workforce, Regular external and internal training sessions are conducted to build employee capacity and creativity - just to meet customer requirements in accordance with national and international standards.