Our Story

Muhammad Saqlain' CEO-Maheen Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd, dreamt to be an Entrepreneur, he worked around the clock to make his dream true. He started his journey with only 4 people in 2010 and is now one of the best vertically integrated textile industrialist. He has not only created a business but also bestowed Pakistan's economy. Today; Maheen Textile(Pvt) Ltd is recognized as the fastest, most resourceful, ethically minded home textiles producer, providing the best innovative products to all market segments in retail, Healthcare, institutional and the travel industry.

Notion of Name

In his noble love for his daughter, Mian Muhammad Saqlain' Named his business in the name of his daughter "Maheen".

Our Values


Our prime focus is maintaining a healthy environment for our descendants. We develop leading solutions with limited resources by adapting all eco-friendly measures to make a guarded environment around us. We are responsible for what we make.


Our products are thoughtfully designed and sustainably manufactured to spread ease and comfort. We not only facilitate providing aesthetic characteristics to your zones but also make your lives comfortable knowing that have done your bit for the planet.


We give shape to the ideas of our customers. Annexing of originality in our products meets the satisfaction level by providing leading solutions to make our customers the market leaders. We back our production standards with technology and innovation to meet competitive advantage. All are designed for the living of the 21st century.


Ensuring sophistication with comfort which pleases your eyes and relaxes the mind through a pure sense & elegant looks in our products as simplicity carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.