• CCD Camouflage Fabric For Pak Army
  • Khaki Fabric For Pak Army
  • Islamabad Police Uniform

Hospital Article

  • Water proof Mattress Protector
  • Doctor Gown Male & Female
  • Nurssing Suit
  • Hospital Bed Sheet
  • Hospital Towel

Home Textile

  • Comforter Set Printe & Dyed
  • Bed Sheet Set Printed & Dyed
  • Quilt Cover With Pillowcase
  • Filled Pillow With Ball Fiber
  • Filled Pillow With Hallow Fiber
  • Filled Cushion
  • Cushion Cover
  • Olive Green T-Shirt


  • School Uniform
  • Olive Green T-Shirt
  • Socks Cotton & Polyester

Kitchen Article

  • Table Cloth
  • Napkin
  • Place Matt
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Apron


  • Bath Rob
  • Bath Towel
  • Face Towel
  • Hand Towel

Social Welfare

Disaster Emergency Relief Services

Maheen Textile always play a key role in any disaster emergency relief services required by our national / international partners. Maheen Textile proud to serve the nation during disaster emergency relief services. Maheen Textile Intl is one of the most trusted and reliable supplier for various relief agencies, NGO's and local Governments, for the supplies of NFI (non food items) in disasters. There was fearful earthquake in 2005 and it was very difficult time for Pakistan and we especially thanks to those people and our partners who faced the situation and analysis according to winter season which was urgent required for effected people. Provision of warm clothing, and warm stuff was top priority to save them from seasonal circumstances. They also demanded the Filled quilts for relief, we especially thanks to our partner they asked us to supply 500,000 quilts to those affected areas. Where our team work day & night to make ensure supplies of these goods to affected areas and made possible supply of 500,000 quilts within 6-8 weeks and deliver to affected areas. Maheen Textile took active part during flood of 2010 in Pakistan, we supplied emergency relief items to NFI (NON FOOD ITEMS), bed sheets, clothing, and mosquito nets (medicated). Provision of these emergency relief supplies on special discounts is another example of contribution towards the effected people. We pray to GOD save our country from these disasters, Ameen.