CEO Message

As a Chief Executive and Founding member for 12 years of Maheen Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd, I would like mentioned here our expansion is multiply over the years. nothing is impossible if we have a master plan, a proper check and balance system, and a highly efficient team to execute business ideas into promising reality.  My vision is towards innovation to adopt the latest technology to build state of art facilities for our customers and employees.

I am blessed with a qualified, vibrant, and creative team who always works one step ahead to explore modern trade openings at the national and international levels. Being trustworthy , quality producers and exporters firm ,our customers are present all over the globe. Our smart planning and innovative products give privilege to our clients to get comfortable with a lavish feel. We cordially accept working closely with our worldwide clients with the point of "expansion and growth of the textile industry over the globe".

We came from a solid foundation of the textile as having our claim vertical setup from weaving to wrapping up for the last 12 years.

We are always a creative and resourceful company that has set its values on giving high-quality products at economical prices in clients' needs-oriented horizons. Our competitive center esteem is non-stop development in the textile and manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to get to be recognized as a leading champion in our domain. To achieve such a higher level, I received a zero-tolerance arrangement on quality and customer services, I decided to add value to creating environmentally friendly, comfortable, and long-lasting textile products to enhance the trade of Pakistan all over the world customer trust is our net worth. We are a Producer and Exporter of Material Textures & Domestic Material items with clients all over the world. Our capacity to form forward-thinking arrangements that grant our clients a competitive advantage is what sets us up separated.